Video Games of Next Generation

Since the Magnavox Odyssey age, Y8 Games are evolving to become one of the most popular games.So, don’t be shocked if video game consoles are now on the transition to the so called “seventh generation”. Despite of the video game crash in 1977 wherein many game makers foregone the game console production sector because of unpopularity, gaming companies that have left in the battle field attempted to gain the hearts of the gaming people, particularly the younger generation, by creating high quality games compatible to their games consoles.

The seventh generation started in November 2005 by the debut of Microsoft’s Xbox 360, following the enormous success of its own predecessor, the Xbox. Since that time, competing game console makers started creating new genres of video game consoles, each one having unique feature from forerunners or its competing games consoles equally.

Following the success of the PlayStation 1 and 2 of Sony Corporation, they’re determined to keep up their dominance in the game console market. So, in May 16, 2005 at the E3 Conference, Japan’s top electronic business, under its computer entertainment subsidiary company, officially unveiled to the people the latest member of the PlayStation 3 seriesothe PlayStation 3 (PS3). It’s expected to compete with its two competing game consoles, which are the Xbox 360 as well as the Nintendo’s Wii.

PlayStation 3 is scheduled to be published on the subsequent start dates:

I The first release is scheduled at Japan in November 11, 2006.
I following the Japan introduction, PS3’s launch date in Canada and United States would be on November 17 of the exact same year.
I On the flip side, the start date of PS3 on Europe and Australasia is scheduled to be with the certain date, on March 2007 pending on the choice of Sony Corporation.

On these start dates, Sony has plans of releasing two distinct settings for the PlayStation 3. The first one is called the “superior variation”, where the video game console will have a 60 GB internal hard drive with numerous flash memory card readers and Wifi or wireless web connectivity.

Despite of the various start dates of PlayStation 3, it’s anticipated to be a success for states where it’d be released. Look experience the interactive entertainment courtesy of PlayStation 3 and out for the start dates mentioned previously.